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Local Sports News & Awards

Podcast Last Updated Friday October 24, 2014



Hunter Williams - 175 Sr, wide receiver/punter, 4 receptions for 68 yds & one touchdown, punted 3 times for 31 yd average

Tristan Winey- 175 JR defensive end, 3 solo tackles & 1 assisted tackle

(see media gallery for pictures)



1st team all state (baseball coaches):  Sean Houston
1st team all-district:  Sean Houston & Brayden Schurke
1st team all-conference:  Houston
2nd team all conference:  Schurke & Zac Reynolds
Honorable Mention:  Brandon Brotherton & Nathan Promes
MVP:  Houston
Captains:  Schurke & Reynolds
Best Attitude:  Ben Webber & Reynolds
Most Dedicated:  Reynolds
Most improved:  Promes
Hardest Worker:  Reynolds
Rookie of the Year:  Sam Webber
Coaches Award:  Devin Platt
Game Proudest of:  14 inning win over Lewis Central
Most Disappointing Game:  District loss to Carroll  

3rd team all-state:  Codie Fineran
1st team all-district:  Codie Fineran
1st team all-conference:  Sam Pick-Shae Kierscht-Codie Fineran
2nd team all-conference:  Paige Lansink & Payton Lee
MVP:  Fineran
Captains:  Fineran-Kierscht
Best Offensive Player:  Fineran
Best defensive Player:  Olivia Ipsen
Most Improved:  Hannah Segebart
Best attitude:  Pick and Payton Schultz
Hardest Worker:  Fineran
Best Practice Player:  Payton Lee
Monarch (Coaches) Award:  Schultz


Sun-Sept. 21 - Brannon-Marten tournament
1st - Jay Mendlik-John Quandt-Patrick Cartsensen-Andy Mullin  62
2nd - Rick Wake-Justin Koch-Don Savery-Jim Powers  64
3rd - Jorden Ransom-Jeff Broders-Joe Ferguson-Dick McCoy  64
4th - Dick Webb-Larry Thompson-David Marten-Luke Webb  64

Sun-Aug. 31  2 Person 3-ball tourney
1st flight winner:  Ben Pauley & Andy Corderman  56
2nd flight winner:  Mr. & Mrs. Steve Davie  63
3rd flight winner:  Jack Koenck & Jim Pester  66
4th flight winner:  Don & Kyle Savery  69

Sun-Aug. 17  4-Gal Tourney
1st flight winner:  Mullenix-Sauvain-Gardner-Boustead   63
2nd flight winner:  Best-Munson-Hennen-Tibben  70
3rd flight winner:  Peterson-Johnson-Williams-Schaaf  74 

Sun-Aug. 10  Husband/Wife Championship
1st place:  Tom and Sharon Hennen
2nd:  Larry and Julie Thompson
3rd:  Doug and Allsion Dorhout

Sun-Aug. 3  Mahoney Golf Tournament
1st flight winner:  Bieret-Howard-Johnson-Dierson   55
2nd flight winner:  Evilsizer-Powers-Wiebers-Gorman  60
3rd flight winner:  Schwery-Schomers-Koesters-Schwarte  64

Sun-July 27  3-Couple Tourney
1st flight winner:  Burns-Lambert-Fink/Nelson  64
2nd flight winner:  Kuruger-Krueger-Beckman  68
3rd flight winner:  Clay-McQueen/Parker-Conrad  73

Sun-July 13  Club Championships
Mens scratch divison champ:  Steve Davie
Mens handicapped divison champ:  Mark Hawn
Mens senior divison scratch champ:  Tom Hennen
Mens senior handicapped champ:  Tom Gorman
Ladies Scratch champ:  Julie Thompson
Ladies Senior Handicapped winner:  Carol Evilsizer 

Tue-July 8  Hospital Foundation of Crawford County
1st flight winner:  Davis Design  58
2nd flight winner:  AOS  64
3rd flight winner:  Eventide  69

Fri-July 4  3-man scramble
1st flight winner:  Swanson-Schwery-Martens  56
2nd flight winner:  Seuntjens-Wood-Quandt  63
3rf flight winner:  Heiden-Nielsen-McGinn 67

Fri-July 4  2-couple scramble
1st flight winner:  Powers/Powers/Blake  66
2nd flight winner:  Larson-Larson  75
3rd flight winner:  Segebart-Marten  79

Thu-June 12  Ladies PINK Tourney
1st place - Linda Best-Ashley Powers-Jeanne Mork-Barb Siemer  64

Sat-June 7  Wesco Tourney
1st flight winner:  Broadway Dental  59
2nd flight winner:  Hawley Crop Insurance  64
3rd flight winner:  Moeller Trucking  69 
4th flight winner:  Team Schurke-Wessel  71

Sun-June 8  3-couple tourney
1st flight winner:  Powers-Kasperbauer-Powers/Darling  64
2nd flight winner:  Cale-Starman-Hagge  72 


Tue-June 3  CDC Tournament
1st flight winner:  Lambert Family Chiropractic  -12
2nd flight winner:  Smithfied-Farmland #3  -6  
3rd flight winner:  Bank Iowa  -4
4th flight winner:  Smithfield-Farmland #6  -1

Sun-May 25  Ryder Cup
1st fight winner:  Ben Pauley - Steve Davie  98
2nd flight winner:  Doug Wiebers - Krek Farley  111
3rd flight winner:  Bill Kallmein - Jamie Buckholt  114
4th flight winner:  Larry & Julie Thompson  117
5th flight winner:  Chad Gamzen & Kyle Vandertiung  121

Sun-May 4  Judge Tournament
1st place - Jerry Behrens-Craig Promes-Russ McCoid-Joe Lally  69
2nd place - Dale Schillerberg-Jerod Koch-Rob Green-Dan Leinen  69
3rd place - Glen Schiltz-Joey Cale-Randy Clinton-Ross Iversen  70
4th place - Spencer Nelson-Brad Nelson-Roger Schmeideskamp-JR Pauley  70



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